"They say that Snowdonia is just small enough to get to know in one lifetime. Well I've been visiting since 1974 and I've only scratched the surface. But then Eryri does let you into her affections easily. Her capricious nature accompanies a soft spender, a quiet grandeur which isn't waved in your face at every turn. This unstated beauty makes good compositons, and hence good images, difflcult to realise, and it demands that you look longer and harder, both into Eryri and into yourself. Over the years we've come to an understanding. If I put in the effort then, like a coy lover, Eryri will show her appreciation of my intentions by whispering a secret, and show me something truly magical. Then the miles of walking and the hours of waiting are forgottten, and it's the few moments of enchantment which are remenbered. And tresured."

Copyright Stephen Lewis 2021